What is Brain Food for Kids?

Parents have often been wondering if there is such a thing as brain food for kids. Most nutritious foods have their benefits for child learning and memory. Sometimes though, it is not the lack of brain food for kids that is the problem but the feeding practices and timing that we have. What are things that parents should remember about kids and brain food for kids?

Avoiding Disaster

We’re all familiar with the routine of our kids waking up late and rushing out to school without even having a bite of that brain food for kids that mom prepared. In school, they have a little snack of chips before lunch. During lunch, they troop back to the canteen and fill their plates with some luncheon meat, fries and a pack of artificial fruit juice. What’s wrong with this picture?

Importance of Breakfast

Skipping a breakfast filled with brain food for kids is a true recipe for a health disaster. Night sleep is a time for fasting. Breakfast should be the time when your kids should replenish their nutrient stock to keep them going. Children without brain food for kids will not have enough energy to perform well in school. They will be sluggish and will find it hard to concentrate on the day’s lessons.

Food to Avoid

Aside from not having the recommended brain food for kids in their breakfast, your kids might not also have the right kinds of food in school for their snacks and lunch. This is an even bigger tragedy. You should consider packing some nutritious brain food for kids instead of letting them eat whatever they want in the school cafeteria. Otherwise, they may end up eating such unhealthy food as those rich in artificial coloring, sweeteners, refined food, fatty food and processed food. These food items have less or no nutritional value at all.

Brain Food for Kids Meals

So what should your brain food for kids include? Your kid’s meals should contain such memory, learning and energy enhancing vitamins and minerals such as omega 3, B vitamins, iron, calcium, choline, vitamins A, C and E and water.

Omega 3 can be found in salmon, tuna, avocado, walnuts, flaxseed, almonds and olive oil. Fruits and vegetables are natural sources of vitamins while iron can be found in such great food choices such as lean meat, beans and poultry. Calcium can be found in milk and dairy products and choline can be found in eggs and nuts.

You can then experiment a bit on such brain food for kids recipes such as omelets and scrambled eggs with bits and pieces of diced vegetables. You can also have a mixture of milk, nuts, avocado and honey for a hearty snack they’ll enjoy. Instead of the usual sandwiches, have a whole grain wrap instead with tasty tuna strips and lettuce on light dressing.

Make sure to let your kids drink plenty of water and natural fruit juices along with all your tasty brain food for kids.