8 Tips to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy Food

Parents often find it a great challenge to get their kids to eat healthy food. The task however is not impossible. Following these eight basic steps can help put your child on the right track to healthy eating.

1.  Offer a Variety of Foods Every Day.

Perhaps one reason your kid is not eating healthy is because you serve the same dishes everyday. Kids at a young age may easily get bored and may appreciate a new taste to explore. Offer a wide selection for your child to pick from. Let him choose for example if he wants corn over peas or apple chunks over orange slices.

2.  Let Them Help in the Preparation.

Kids normally get interested in things that they have made themselves. As early as the toddler stage, start the habit of bringing your child to the kitchen. Ask him to help you around with preparing and mixing ingredients. Talk to him while you are cooking about why a particular ingredient is good for the body.

3.  Don’t Stock Junk Food at Home.

Kids can’t eat what they can’t see so as much as possible, keep your house junk food free. Your child will eventually learn about junk food as he meets other kids. What is important though is that you have set a junk food free foundation at home. There is a big chance that your child will carry over the habit of eating healthy in school and with friends.

4.  Be Models.
Keep all your family members on a healthy diet and be the first ones to show your little kid how to eat right. Develop the habit of eating as a family on the table where your little tyke can see you all munching on those sprouts. Never let your kid see a great quantity of uneaten vegetables thrown into the trash bin.

5.  Prepare Snacks But Regulate.
Snack time may be your only chance to get nutrients into your child’s system if he doesn’t eat well during major meal times. Prepare nutritious but tasty snacks like mixed fruit cups and cereal cakes. You should however, regulate snack time. Do not let your kid eat a heavy snack close to a major meal so that he doesn’t lose his appetite. Keeping him moderately hungry will also ensure that he will eat whatever is on his dinner plate with gusto.

6.  Allow Them to Eat at Their Own Pace.

Discipline is important among kids but never force them to clean their plates especially if you filled the plate yourself. Your kid is the best judge on whether or not he is hungry so let him determine his food portions. Applying force may also develop food issues in him that may lead to serious health conditions in the future.

7.  Stick to Mealtime Rules.

Maintain an eating time rule as early as the toddler stage and stick to it. During these times be firm about turning off the TV and video game units. Do not allow your kid to bargain with you about eating time.

8.  Praise and Kiss Your Child.

Refrain from rewarding your child with physical objects like sweets and money for eating his vegetables. The best way to reward and encourage your child is to praise him. Add a few hugs and kisses on the side and you’ll have one happy healthy-eating kid.